At M&M Lumber we offer countless services to take your new construction or DIY home improvement project to the next level.

Assisting with everything from drafting and project planning to professional paint matching and key cutting, no matter what your project is, our experts can get you on the right track.  At M&M Lumber we provide the timely and in-depth services needed by general construction contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike. No project is too large or too small for M&M Lumber, and you can be assured that we will assist in any and all ways possible.

Computerized Drafting

Computerized Drafting

M&M Lumber provides comprehensive computerized drafting services that can take your scratch-paper sketches to precisely scaled blueprints. Our drafters can work within any set requirements as well as provide layout suggestions that you may not have considered. From pole sheds and wrap-around decks to brand new home construction, our expertise paired with our modern drafting aids will get you well on your way. Contact us or stop in today to start the process of getting your plans on paper.

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Material Estimating

Every successful project gets started the same way - with an idea, a plan, some motivation, and an estimate. What materials are needed? How much will everything cost? Do we need to account for material over-run? When you find yourself asking quantity and cost questions, turn to the experts at M&M Lumber in Paynesville, MN. Our experienced material estimators will review your construction plans and work with you and/or your construction contractor to put together an accurate material estimate. We will note specific construction materials needed, calculate sufficient quantities, and provide a detailed cost breakdown. Contact our estimating team at M&M Lumber whenever new construction or remodeling inspiration strikes.

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At M&M Lumber we provide timely delivery services of all our lumberyard materials. Our experienced delivery staff works hard to keep your project on schedule, which includes reliable delivery of the best construction materials to your exact location.

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