Exterior Supplies

Decking Materials

When it comes to decking, you have two main options: wood or composite. Wood is typically more cost effective and can be finished with your choice of paint or stain. Composite comes in a range of colors and requires less maintenance.

Door Locks

If there’s only one thing you change on your new home, it should be the locks. We don’t have to tell you how important your family’s safety is, but we can guide you in choosing the right lock for your doors.


The Midwest brings harsh weather in both heat and extreme cold. Insulation protects you and your home from these conditions and can help cut down on energy use.


Millwork includes anything milled such as molding, trim, and some flooring. Millwork is often the finishing touch when building your home and adds a bit of personality.


With the variety of materials and styles, we’re bound to have a style that fits your vision. We carry everything from wood and vinyl panels to stone veneer, steel siding, and composite siding (LP Smartside).

Soffit & Fascia

Soffit is the underside of your roof, and although it’s not the first thing to catch the eye, it’s still very important. If the soffit is damaged or worn down, it can allow too much airflow into the attic or create gapes where bees and other insects can enter. Soffit comes in different materials, but we’re here to help you choose one to fit your home best.

Fascia is the outside border of your roofing where gutters are typically placed. It supports your roof by holding up the outside perimeter.

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors can create drafts if they aren’t installed properly to withstand the weather. We have the products and knowledge to assist you in choosing and installing windows or doors for your home.


Your roof is one of the most important barriers against wind, rain, and snow. But all of that harsh weather can take a toll on your roof. We carry all of the supplies you need for shingle systems, metal panels, and coatings.


Trusses support your roof and must be extremely precise to distribute the weight evenly. When professionally produced, trusses are consistent which leads to a long lifespan.

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