Interior Supplies


Bring your kitchen to life with the perfect cabinets. We carry all types and colors of cabinets for any style of kitchen. From modern sleek designs to rustic cabinetry we have it all.

Cabinet Hardware

We carry many hardware options including modern and sleek bar pulls to elevate the look of your cabinets and simple knobs for the minimalists. We also have a variety of hinges including concealed and decorative hinges, for when you want to add an element of style to your cabinets.

Closet Shelving

Shelving allows your closet to be more organized and accessible. Remember that closet shelves often hold a lot of weight, so it’s best to pick a hardwood that will hold up for years to come.


Countertops are a large asset to your kitchen. They come in many different textures, colors, and other variations.

Floor Covering

Flooring comes in different materials to fit the look and needs of your home. Wood flooring is elegant, but it does need regular maintenance to continue looking beautiful. Laminate flooring is a good alternative if you want something that is easier to take care of. Vinyl is also low-maintenance and comes in patterns to mimic the look of stone. Carpet is great at making areas cozier and more comfortable.

Wall Board

Wall board can add texture and spice to an otherwise boring wall. White beadboard can add a sophisticated and airy feel to a room. Wainscoting can add dramatic contrast when chosen in a different color that your wall paint and also has protective properties.

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